Course Description

Training Summary

SAP Human Capital Management (HCM) is also called SAP-HR. SAP HCM consists of important sub-modules like Personnel Administration (PA), Organizational Management (OM), Time, Payroll all of which will be discussed in detail.

What should I know?

Familiarity with SAP GUI is a plus. If you are an absolute beginner to SAP please take this basic SAP course first.

Course Syllabus

Personnel Administration (PA)

PA is an important sub-module of SAP HCM that stores key employee data. PA also helps in HR processes like hire, fire, change in designation, travel etc. Infotype is the basic employee information unit in SAP HR. Lets Study it in detail.

   ->.   What is SAP HR? Introduction to SAP HCM
   ->.   What is an Infotype?
   ->.   Infotype Operations- Create, Change, Copy, Delete, Overview using
           PA30, PA20
   ->.   Fast Entry of Infotype

Important Infotype T Codes you Must Know

   ->.   How to view all Infotypes Saved for an Employee
   ->.   All About Infotype 0003 Payroll Status
   ->.   Time Constraints

Personnel Action

A Personnel Action includes all the necessary infotypes, displayed in a logical sequence, for which data must be entered for a particular HR event like hiring, termination etc

   ->.   SAP Personnel Actions
   ->.   How to Delete a Personnel Number

Organizational Management

Organization management is a sub module of SAP HCM that structures the organization at Enterprise, Personnel and Organizational level. In simple words, it helps define different business units, job positions, reporting structures, current and future hiring plans in the SAP ERP. 14

   ->.   Structures In SAP
   ->.   Object Types , Validity Dates , Infotypes
   ->.   Expert Mode
   ->.   SAP PPOCE: How to create an Organizational Unit


Positions are Job Roles defined in a Company

   ->.   How to CREATE, COPY & DELIMIT a Position: SAP PPOME
   ->.   identify-a-position-as-head-of-org-unit.html
   ->.   How to assign a Job & Cost Center to a Position
   ->.   How to display Organizational Structure with Positions


The Time Management (TM) module stores information about employee attendance, absence, time evaluation plans etc,

   ->.   Time Evaluation Essentials
   ->.   How To Run Time Evaluation
   ->.   How To CHECK Time Evaluation Results


SAP Payroll module helps to calculate the salary and wages of permanent and temporary employees of an organization.

   ->.   Overview Of Payroll Process
   ->.   Control Record
   ->.   How to execute Payroll
   ->.   How To Check Payroll Results
   ->.   How to DELETE Payroll Results

Must know Payroll Information

   ->.   What is Off Cycle Payroll
   ->.   How to Audit Payroll
   ->.   What is MATCHCODE
   ->.   Types of WageTypes in SAP
   ->.   Wage Type Reporter

Post Payroll-Run Activities

These activities help make payments to the employees once the payroll is calculated

   ->.   Bank Transfer
   ->.   How to Audit Payroll
   ->.   How to Create a Bank Key
   ->.   Posting to General Ledger
   ->.   All About Ad-Hoc Query


   ->.   SAP HR Interview Question
   ->.   SAP HR PDF
   ->.   SAP HR Quiz