Course Description

What is Crystal Reports?

SAP Crystal Reports is a BI tool for generating analytical reports from SAP and other non-SAP data sources like Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, XML Data Source, Microsoft Excel, etc. The knowledge of this tool helps businesses to develop advanced level reports and take accurate and profitable business decisions based on these reports.

In this SAP Crystal Reports tutorial for beginners, you will learn Crystal Reporting basics:

   ->.   What is Crystal Reports?
   ->.   Benefits of using Crystal Reports
   ->.   History of Crystal Reports
   ->.   Components of Crystal Reports
   ->.   Data Sources
   ->.   Features of Crystal Report
   ->.   Uses of Crystal Reports
   ->.   Crystal Reports - GUI Navigation
   ->.   Disadvantages of using Crystal Reports

Benefits of using Crystal Reports

Here, are benefits/pros of using SAP Crystal Reports:

   ->.   Allows you to create highly pixel-perfect reports using SAP crystal
            report with easy design interface and efficient workflows.
   ->.   Helps you to build personalized reports in your preferred language
            and format.
   ->.   You can connect to information sources directly, which include:
            Native data, OLE DB, ODBC, JDBC connectivity to relational
            DB, OLAP, web services, etc.
   ->.   Helps you to export more data to a single worksheet, without
            extending it to multiple sheets.
   ->.   Crystal report tool allows you to open interactive reports through
            your mobile devices.
   ->.   Helps you to produce a report from virtually any data source.
   ->.   Allows you to analyze and interpret important information.
   ->.   Data connection procedures are straight forward.
   ->.   Helps you to access the trusted data
   ->.   Allows you to navigate to the lowest level of data granularity
   ->.   Helps you to create a customized reporting view you need for your

History of Crystal Reports

   ->.   Terry Cunningham and his peers created the software in 1991
   ->.   In 1994, Crystal Services was acquired by Seagate Technology.
   ->.   Crystal Decisions software was acquired in December 2003 by
   ->.   In the year 2004, version 11 released.
   ->.   SAP acquired BusinessObjects on October 8, 2007
   ->.   Crystal Reports Version 14.0 released in 2011
   ->.   Version 14.1 released in 2013
   ->.   Version 14.2 released in 2016

Components of Crystal Reports

Now in this Crystal Reports Tutorial, we will learn about components of Crystal reports:

The Report Design Canvas helps you to design the structure of your report. You can include different elements like charts, test, data objects in the reports.


Rules option displays a rule above the report canvas. However, the tool allows you to change the unit of measurement by changing the unit option on the design canvas tab.

Structure mode:

Structure mode and Page mode helps you to define the layout of the reports. Each object in the structure mode is represented by a frame.