Course Description

Course Summary

SAP BI (Business Intelligence) is a leading data warehousing and reporting tool. It helps convert raw data into information and insights that help improve business margins. This course is geared to make you a BI expert!

What should I know?

If you are an absolute newbie take the SAP Beginner Course. Familiarity with SAP GUI is required.

Training Syllabus

   ->.   Introduction SAP BI
   ->.   Overview of SAP BI Architecture
   ->.   All About Infoobject Infoarea & Infoobject Catalog
   ->.   How To create an INFOAREA
   ->.   How to create an INFOOBJECT CATALOG
   ->.   How To Create an INFOOBJECT with Characteristics
   ->.   How to Create INFOOBJECTS with Key Figures
   ->.   What is DSO? Why Use It?
   ->.   What is Standard DSO? How To Create One?
   ->.   What is Write Optimized DSO? How To Create One?
   ->.   What is Direct Update DSO? How To Create One?
   ->.   What is InfoSet?
   ->.   What is an Infocube? How To Create One?
   ->.   How to Load Master Data from Flat File?
   ->.   How To Load Transaction Data From Flat File?
   ->.   How to load Master Data from ECC?
   ->.   How To Load Transaction Data From ECC?
   ->.   All About Classical & Extended Star Schema
   ->.   All About Process Chains in SAP BI/BW
   ->.   Installing BW Standard Content
   ->.   Introduction to BEX Query Designer and Query Elements
   ->.   Learn About Key & Characteristics Settings CFK, RFK & Formulas

Must Know!

   ->.   SAP BW / BI Interview Questions & Answers
   ->.   SAP BI PDF