Course Description

MyItCertificate's OSB Certification Training Program trains one with the most basic and advanced level of Oracle Service Bus Architecture. Trainees gain hands-on experience administering its various components, accomplished by understanding and using the various Service Bus Console. The course trains to accomplish a successful cycle of processes like, creating or configuring the Service Bus components and testing the same.MyItCertificate's Oracle OSB Certification Online Training instructs how to install and configure the various applications of any business needs. Join MyItCertificate's Oracle service bus training Batches Now to unlock Amazing IT Job Opportunities!


The technology world keeps getting advanced in many of its panels. There is no end to the kind of technological revolution we have seen and will be testifying in the coming years. Any technology-driven person should keep self-updated with new technologies. But the need is necessitated when the technological person is in a quest for a high ranked job in Reputed MNC(s). Oracle service bus training provides the opportunity to work on actual projects and assignments. They have boundless impacts in the real world company's cases. Harmony is in the projects dealt with, during training with the technical skills needed in actual job scenarios. This makes it a good fit to opt for the course.

MyItCertificate OSB Online Course takes you through the critical, advanced, and even the basic yet essential details of OSB. It offers real-time expertise in administering the various components of Oracle’s Service Bus. A trained professional from MyItCertificate has all the necessary skillsets. These help to operate, manage, and maintain the various resources or components of the Service Bus.

With Oracle service bus training, one can think of gaining grounds on the levels of:

   1.   Virtualizing services with OSB: understanding its various concepts.
   2.   Exploring the various capabilities of OSB.
   3.   Exploring and learning the facts and concepts related to securing
         services: making the combination of applications a helpful
         and secured process simultaneously.
   4.   Learning to organize and use (as in when required) the various
         configurations in proper Projects and folders.
   5.   Understanding Service bus: The various components and its
   6.   Gaining knowledge for proper Debugging, testing, and finally running
         the builds on the runtime, when all the criteria for a successful
         build are met.
   7.   Discuss and resolve the doubts on the Oracle Service concepts.
   8.   Migrate a configuration from staging to production environments.
   9.   Configure security policies, making the build or the complete process
         of SOA helpful as well as a safer one.
   10.   The basics to configure, activate, test, and execute sessions(a
         particular project) in the run time.

Should I take up Oracle OSB Certification Online Training?

We would suggest, you should take up this course if Technology, Build Development and various IT-related functions are your things.

Few reasons why you should think of joining the course:

   1.   Oracle has been one of the top technology in trend for creating a
         console(or a unit wherein all applications or units are brought
         together) and so many businesses are in need of this.
   2.   OSB professionals are in demand by all the leading organizations or
         the business units, aiming to step up their automation game.
         Thereby aligning businesses with IT, making it a lot easier to expect gains
         in less time.
   3.   Anyone, post a successful course and certification exam, can earn a
         handsome salary at some Leading Business Unit, that is inspired to
         take IT as its helping hand.

Few job roles, that one can grab post a successful Course completion:

   ->   SOA Architects
   ->   System Integrators
   ->   Systems Administrator
   ->   Application Developers

Projects included:

Thus, MyItCertificate believes in exposing its trainees to some of the Real-Time Use cases and enhancing their skillset!

One example of a project is assembling necessary consoles or units that can help one find a book based on ISBN number.

MyItCertificate's oracle course provides basic as well as advanced Oracle service bus training. Through the training, trainees are given Industry Based projects that bring them in line with the various real-time project needs.

The various consoles that would be included in the project could be:

   ->   The system wherein the User gets to enter the ISBN number
   ->   System to execute the functionality of the ISBN number to be found
         in the database.
   ->   Retrieving information in bringing result back to the user, if the right
         ISBN number is traced.
   ->   Else, the information to be displayed, “No Book found.”

With such kinds of business needs-oriented projects, MyItCertificate keeps the learning fun and real need-oriented.