Course Description

MyItCertificate's Ruby on rails online training course will make students creates database-driven websites. This training course will assist the learners in development Real-Time Web Application using the Rails MVC Framework. This training provides basic and advanced concepts of the course. This ruby on rails course is designed for beginners and for professionals also. With the help of a ruby programming certificationyou can think of having a greater career prospect.The resulting skillset will make you in a great position to get a job as a web developer, starting a career as a freelancer, or found a company of your own. If you are already aware to develop web applications, this tutorial will quickly get you up to speed with Ruby on Rails.

Ruby on Rails Course Overview

MyItCertificate's Ruby on Rails training includes all topics of Ruby on Rails such as features, MVC, Router, Scaffolding, Views, Hello World example, bundlers, migrations, layout, CRUD Example, etc. The agenda of this training is to teach you how to design custom web applications.

What skills you will grasp from this training?

Following skills will be scored by the candidates after this training:

   ->   You will learn how to program
   ->   You will learn to install and configure
   ->   Deep-understand the Model-View-Controller framework architecture
   ->   You will learn how to build database-driven applications
   ->   Rail Integration with Postgres
   ->   You will learn to work with templates
   ->   You will learn to test applications
   ->   Advance Ruby/Rails Packages like Cucumber, RSpec, Capybara, Pry,
   ->   Advance Features of the same.

Why this training is in high demand?

You will find the ruby training onlineís high demand reason below:

   ->   Ruby on Rails is a free and open-source web development framework
          written in the Ruby programming language.
   ->   It rapidly became one of the most popular tools for building dynamic
          web applications.
   ->   It is used by companies as varied as Airbnb, SoundCloud, Disney,
          Hulu, GitHub, and Shopify, as well as by innumerable
          freelancers, independent development shops, and startups.
   ->   Using Rails, even novice developers can build a full-stack web
          application without even leaving the framework.

What are the prerequisites?

Before learning Ruby on Rails, participants must have the basic knowledge of Ruby.