Course Description

MyItCertificate's golang tutorial program is designed according to the latest curriculum to get in-depth knowledge in Golang. This golang online course program introduces the Go language training from Google and provides learners with an overview of special features of Go's. Learners will gain the knowledge and skills needed to create concise, efficient, and clean applications using Go. With this course in hand it is simply easy and appreciative desire to take note of getting things aligned asper the coursethat gets one aligned right as per the norm of the day! There are no criteria why people should not make things aligned in the right and proper manner.

Golang Training Overview

What are the Objectives of this Go Online Training?

The objectives of the program are mentioned below:

React Native will allows you to write code in the javascript in a similar way as node.js and build the mobile app natively in iOS without having to learn Objective-C or Swift.

   ->   Fundamentals of Go programming language.
   ->   Implement GoRoutines and channels to build massive parallel
   ->   Plan and expand the projects using Go runtime.
   ->   Use Interfaces to reduce complex programs.
   ->   Building real-time applications using Golang.

Why Golang training in high demand?

   ->   Golang tutorial is one of the trending programming languages in the
          IT industry as stated by Stack Overflow.
   ->   Many top companies have moved towards the Golang due to its
          highly advanced features and capabilities.
   ->   The career opportunities for Golang professionals are ample right
          now and it's expanding day by day with its popularity.
   ->   Golang professionals are drawing very high salaries compared to
          other IT professionals.

What will you learn in this Golang Online Course?

Upon completion of this Go Certification, you will profound in the following:

   1.   You will understand the syntax and control structures of the Go
          programming language.
   2.   You will explore the very advanced features of Golang.
   3.   Learn to use packages to organize code
   4.   You will grasp about variables, functions, constants, pointers,
          operators, arrays, etc.
   5.   Better understand the core difference between maps and structs.
   6.   Concurrency with the shared variables.

Who can opt for Go training?

The following job roles will get advanced from learning this course:

   1.   Programmers
   2.   Developers
   3.   Aspirants looking for a career in the programming field to learn go
          programming language.