Course Description

MyItCertificate's Programmatic Development Using Apex & Visualforce in the Lightning Experience training course will train you to develop Analytics functions and Custom Applications on top of the Salesforce platform. Get credited with Salesforce Platform Developer 1 Certification Training and enjoy the benefits of a certified Salesforce Developer. Enhance your career graph while acquiring in-depth knowledge in one of the trending Salesforce Platform Developer 1 Certification Training.

Salesforce Developer Course Overview

Salesforce Platform Developer 1 Certification Training will help you, categorized as the writer or editor of the Salesforce Code. Salesforce, being one of the top Customer Relationship Management software, related to sales, marketing, and service, has endless opportunities. With many Top MNC(s) looking forward to including Salesforce in their work manner, it has endless opportunities for the aspiring

Is a Certified Salesforce Developer 1 Course for me?

Learn the core of the Apex programming language and Visualforce markup to customize your Salesforce applications. You will get hands-on experience building data objects (subjects) and programmatically retrieving, manipulating, and storing the data associated with those objects. Writing of custom logic using Apex triggers and classes, along with testing of that logic using the built-in testing framework is made possible.

Get hands-on experience writing Visualforce pages to customize your user interface and Visualforce controllers (in Apex) to modify the controller behavior behind the interface. With the Apex Certification, explore the design techniques and the built-in testing framework around Visualforce.

Professionals who can Take up the Salesforce Developer 1 Training

If you are any of the following or aspiring to be one soon, you should take up the course:

If all of these thoughts provoke you, then indeed, it is your time to get enrolled for salesforce developer 2 certification training. If you are excited to take up a routine, wherein the development of new code and fixing in the released test build is in your routine, then we would suggest you take up the salesforce developer 2 course.

   1.   Product Managers
   2.   System Administrators
   3.   IT Managers
   4.   Developers
   5.   App Builders
   6.   Sales Representatives

Benefits of Salesforce Platform Developer 1 Certification Training

   1.   Sales and Account Management could be well analyzed and
   2.   User roles and Security can be taken care of well.
   3.   Produce well technical plans and design documents.
   4.   Collaboration with other Engineers and Developers is made easy.
   5.   Confidence to conduct a successful training workshop for other
   6.   It provides the necessary understanding you require to compose
         programmatic customizations for both business logic and user
         interface layers.

Skills to count on Post Successful Apex Certification Completion

   1.   Hands-on technical skills to customize your Salesforce applications
   2.   Know how to slay and write code using Apex triggers and classes.
   3.   Test the logic in the built-in framework and release Top-Notch code,
         satisfying clients.
   4.   Build data objects (subjects) and programmatically retrieve,
         manipulate, and store the data associated with those objects.