Course Description

MyItCertificate's Professional Scrum Product Owner program is designed according to the PSPO Certification Exam. This helps in nourishing and preparing the candidate to appear and crack the exam with the best endeavor. MyItCertificate provides you with the basic knowledge required to work, in a very real way through the MyItCertificate. PSPO Certification, along with the necessary knowledge of basics of CSPO vs PSPO.

Professional Scrum Product Owner Overview

Target Of The Course

The learners will get thorough knowledge from the PSPO training course so that they can clear both PSPO-1 and PSPO-2. Professional Scrum Product Owner (PSPO) Certification Training Course aims at guiding the dormant product owners to make their products and services cost-effective resulting in a better profit.

Mission Of The Course

The course helps the trainees to

   1.   Understand the role of the product owner in Scrum.
   2.   Gets a clear picture of the mechanism of Scrum.
   3.   Productive work with stakeholders and the Scrum team.
   4.   Capable increase in business activity

Who Needs This Course?

Acquiring the certification after attending the PSPO training course can be helpful for:

   1.   Scrum team managers.
   2.   Members such as product owner and developer of the Scrum team.
   3.   Teams that are diverting to Scrum.
   4.   Corporate sector individuals who aspire to have a Professional Scrum
         Master Certification.

What skills will you grasp?

At the end of MyItCertificate's PSPO training, you will be able to:

   1.   Cement your insight as an item proprietor through guidance and
         group-based activities.
   2.   Fully understand the breadth of the responsibilities of the role in
         delivering a successful product from an Agile perspective