Course Description

MyItCertificate's Professional Scrum Developer (PSD Tutorial) course is designed according to the PSD Certification exam conducted by Scrum. This makes every attempt to help students pass the exam in the very first attempt very gracefully! MyItCertificate's PSD Course will give you the hands-on practice of using Scrum, Agile engineering practices and supportive ALM tools that help improve a teamís capabilities.

Professional Scrum Developer Training Overview

Participants will work as a Scrum Team or multiple Scrum Teams depending on class size, creating real code on a realistic software system.

What is the course Objective?

The Online PSD Course aims at helping trainees:

   1.   See how present-day Agile designing practices and steady DevOps
         instruments enhance a group's capacity to convey working
   2.   Take in the diverse parts of a Scrum Team and how to cooperate as a
         group to complete work.
   3.   Gain learning of how to use current programming advancement
         apparatuses and rehearses.

Who can opt for this Course?

The scrum PSD Certification is intended for:

   1.   Architects
   2.   Analysts
   3.   Programmers
   4.   Database Developers
   5.   Testers
   6.   IT-Operators and others like Product owners and the Scrum masters

What Skills will you grasp?

Over the 3 days preparing a program, with the help of online PSD Certification members will:

   1.   Gain a certifiable perspective of what it resembles to manufacture
         programming with Scrum
   2.   Work together over a progression of Sprints
   3.   Apply present-day designing practices and utilize the Scrum
         structure to adapt to changes
   3.   Figure out how to create and convey augmentations of conceivably
         releasable usefulness from a reasonable Product Backlog
   4.   Characterize an explicit innovation stack that addresses your issues
         in private classes