Course Description

MyITCertifcate Sitecore Advanced Developer training program will provide you a deep insight and hands-on practical sessions to train the developers to build a robust, real-world MVC Solutions that collaborate with the management, editing of content and its marketing abilities of Sitecore 9.3. This Sitecore Developer tutorial is an advanced version from Sitecore developer. Sitecore CMS tutorial program is designed exclusively by our course experts. Participants will learn various advanced functions and the ability to work on extended features of Sitecore CMS.

Sitecore 9 Tutorial Course Overview

Sitecore is a widely accepted CMS globally due to its robust features and efficiency. MyITCertifcate Sitecore Developer Training program is designed for the developers who are working on Sitecore CMS for a long time. This Sitecore CMS tutorial will upgrade the knowledge and skills of the learners to grab a good opportunity and get their career goals. Sitecore CMS tutorial will cover the advance modules like Sitecore publishing services, next-generation editor, SXA and many more,

Major objectives and learning outcomes of the Sitecore 9 tutorial

It is an enterprise content management system platform which enables fully featured and connected user experience. For developing and captivating enterprise web solutions, it is considered to be the most secure and robust CMS system.

   ->   Sitecore fundamentals
   ->   Using Sitecore
   ->   Presentation Concepts
   ->   Sitecore CMS Platform
   ->   Upgrading and Migration from an older version
   ->   Reviewing and Auditing Sitecore Projects

You can acquire knowledge in the advanced aspects of Sitecore through plenty of examples, tips, and explanations with the help of the IgmGuru's Sitecore tutorial, where we explore each topic through the aspect of the real-world application.

Who should opt for the Sitecore CMS Tutorials?

There are no hard-core pre-requisites to learn the Sitecore MVC tutorial. We can understand your hunger to be in shoes of real scenarios and thatís why we present you through the lens of real-world case study and example. Sitecore 9 MVC course is specifically designed for ASP.NET MVC Web Developers with C# skills who are working on a project where Sitecore is used as a Content Management System. From learning this course, the following job roles will get benefited:

      Content Managers
      Web Developers
      Aspirants aiming for a career in the prospective field.

Job Roles for Sitecore

After finishing the Sitecore tutorials course, there are numerous opportunities in this dynamic field of Sitecore.

   ->   Web Developer
   ->   Sitecore Architect
   ->   Content Managers
   ->   XML Ninjas
   ->   Front End Users
   ->   And who are aiming to achieve something big in the IT field.

Projects included in the Sitecore 9 MVC Tutorial:

   1.    Environment Set up on Azure Paas and docker
   2.    Migration from old version to new Sitecore version