Course Description

The Hadoop Testing tutorial course, designed according to the Big data hadoop testing certification exam. Hadoop Testing training course will provide you to enlighten the skills within, some of these are like identifying, analyze and amend the types of error in the Hadoop framework.You will learn about hadoop testing tools and architecture.

Hadoop Testing Online Training Overview

With the help of Hadoop testing online training, trainees will learn about

   1.   Hadoop software, architecture
   2.   MapReduce
   3.   HDFS
   4.   Pig, Sqoop, Hive, Flume, and Oozie.

This course will give you all the provision in various test case scenarios, proof of concepts implementation and real-world scenarios.

What will you grasp in this Hadoop Testing training?

   1.   Gives knowledge about Hadoop and Hadoop eco-systems. This would
          include knowledge about:

        A.   HDFS architecture
        B.   The flow of data
        C.   Data replication
        D.   Namenode and Datanode Master MapReduce concepts
        E.   Mapper and Reducer function
        F.   Concurrency, Shuffle, and Ordering.

   2.   Getting the knowledge of the Unit Testing process of Hadoop Mapper
          on a MapReduce application.
   3.   Acknowledging Deploy Pig to support big data analysis along with
          Hive for relational data analysis.
   4.   This to come in sync for testing the application.
   5.   Helps you with a deep understanding of Hadoop Testing and the
          Workflow process.
   6.   Getting hands-on Design, formulate and implement Hadoop test
          scenarios, test scripts, and test cases.
   7.   Using big data testing tools for detecting bugs and rectifying it while
          taking care of the essential notes and care.
   8.   Testing MapReduce jobs without Hadoop clusters, with the help of
          MR Unit framework
   9.   Get trained for Cloudera Hadoop Certification.

Who should opt for Hadoop Testing Course?

The group that should opt for the Hadoop Testing are:

   ->   Big Data and Hadoop Developers
   ->   Quality Assurance team
   ->   Tech support, and testers team along with system administrators

What are the requirements for learning Hadoop Testing?

You would be glad to know, you can start the Hadoop Testing course without any prior form of knowledge!

Why you should get Hadoop Testing Tutorial?

If we are to ponder the few surveys as follows:

The group that should opt for the Hadoop Testing are:

   ->   The few surveys stated global Hadoop Market will reach Reach $84.6
          Billion by the year 2021 Allied Market Research.
   ->   There is going to be a shortage of 1.4 -1.9 million Big Data Hadoop
          Analysts in the United States alone by the year 2018 Mckinsey.
   ->   Hadoop Testing Professionals in the US can get a salary of $132,000

With the present scenario in mind, Hadoop Testing has been expanded across the board in a venture all around the world. The Hadoop project has reached great success with the help of Hadoop developers and Hadoop architects which has increased the necessity of Hadoop testers.