Course Description

MyItCertificate Hadoop Developer Training Online program designed according to the Cloudera Spark and Hadoop Developer CCA175 Certification Exam. The objective is to make sure that the candidate passes the exam in the very First Attempt. CCA Spark and Hadoop Developer training (CCA175) Exam: is the one thing that would be aimed for, in this preparation of big data developer training.

Hadoop Developer Training Overview

Hadoop Developer Certification Course will make you an expert in:

   1.   HDFS
   2.   MapReduce
   3.   Yarn
   4.   Hive
   5.   Pig
   6.   Oozie
   6.   Flume, etc.

In this Hadoop online course you will get an opportunity to work in 4 live projects which prepares you for the Cloudera Spark and Hadoop Developer certification (CCA175) Exam. With an Inclusive 6 months course done with MyItCertificate, you also get access to Hadoop Cloud Lab!

About Big Data Hadoop Developer Course Online

Apache Big Data Hadoop will assist you in providing detailed concepts about Big Data and Hadoop. Few topics in this training include

   ->   Presentation to the Hadoop ecosystem
   ->   Learning HDFS
   ->   MapReduce together with MapReduce ideas
   ->   Installing and executing multiple elements of Hadoop like Pig, Hive,
          Flume, Sqoop, and YARN.

What does this Big Data Hadoop CCA175 Certification Course comprise of?

The course comprises of helping one learn the

   ->   Basics of Hadoop along with Hadoop architecture: preferable for a
   ->   Hadoop, HDFS and MapReduce framework.
   ->   Writing MapReduce programs and install Hadoop clusters.
   ->   Flourishing in applications for Big Data using Hadoop Technology.
   ->   Developing YARN programs on the Hadoop 2.X version.
   ->   Working on Big Data analytics using Hive, Pig, and YARN.
   ->   Advanced usage and Indexing to be made possible using MapReduce
          integration and HBase.
   ->   Spark framework and it's functioning: basic knowledge to be gained.
   ->   Learn about RDD in Apache Spark.
   ->   Grasp knowledge of Hadoop development best practices.
   ->   Scheduling of Job using Oozie.
   ->   The process to get the Cloudera Spark and Hadoop developer

Who is best suited to take Hadoop Developer Tutorial?

Professionals who can surely come over to learn this course comprise the group of Professionals or the clan of Big data Hadoop developers, architects, and testing personnel) working as:

   1.   Software Developers
   2.   Software Analytics
   3.   BI
   4.   ETL, and data warehousing

Big Data Hadoop: the essentials

Apache Hadoop: if you are thinking you need its basic understanding then you are guessing it wrong!

Why take Online Hadoop Developer Training?

In the United States of America, an average Hadoop developer earns over 1,00,000 dollars yearly as described by Global Hadoop Market is to reach 84.6 billion dollars by 2021, as per Allied Market Research.

And surprisingly,

Hadoop is a computing system that functions on the material hardware on a scale and speed which is not possible for any other database processing system that can match it. Because of this only, there is a high demand for Hadoop developers who can install Hadoop on a larger scale. This Big Data Hadoop Program provides you with the right skills that make you an expertise that you can clear Professional Hadoop developer Cloudera Certification.

Having this CCA175 Certification, you can easily get the best industries secured in the Big-Data World.